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The Willing Equine
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Your horse displays dangerous/reactive behavior and you’re looking for the guidance of a Certified Behavior Consultant

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You’re looking for immediate, personalized support to help you and your horse get on the right track

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You’re seeking input on how to arrange your horse’s diet, lifestyle, & environment for optimal health & wellness

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You’re dealing with ‘problem’ behavior and are ready to deep dive into the root cause

Virtual consultations are a great way to get in-depth, personalized feedback on more complex training queries. Each consult will be an hour to an hour and a half with an included follow-up email with notes and recommendations from the consultation.

Before booking a consultation, we recommend first checking out our free resources & Academy. Many training questions, concerns, and support needs can be met through enrollment in TWE Academy.

Adele is accepting limited applications for consulting services to non-Academy members.
To see if a consultation is the right service for you and your horse, fill out the following intake form & we will be in touch shortly regarding booking.

Thanks for submitting!

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