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The Willing Equine


I have several options for one-on-one coaching, including multi day immersives or lessons:

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One-on-one immersives are an excellent option for those who wish to have a hands-on, in-depth learning experience matched to their experience level and training goals.  Immersives are open to all. During an immersive, clients are invited to the TWE training facility and have the opportunity to work with a variety of horses to maximize learning, and involves two days of three hours per day of training.


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Local Behavior Consultations:

I also offer consultations locally within the Central Texas area. These are ideal for those looking for help with specific behavior issues with their horses, needing hands on coaching with their horse, and who are wanting me to travel to them. Consultations include an initial assessment and conversation, a brief hands on training session, and a detailed post-consultation document emailed to you with notes and the recommendations discussed during the consultation.


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Another option for one-on-one coaching are lessons, which are available virtually and locally at TWE's facility and in the greater Austin, TX area to Academy members. These lessons are tailored to your experience level and personal goals, and you will have the opportunity to work with multiple horses to maximize your learning. 


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