Recommended Reading

Reaching The Animal Mind

Karen Pryor

Horses In Company

Lucy Rees

Teaching Horses With Positive Reinforcement

Katherine Bartlett

Language Signs and Calming Signals Of Horses

Rachaël Draaisma

A Tale Of Two Horses

Kathie Gregory

Empowered Equines

Jessica Gonzalez

Alizé Veillard-Muckensturm

by Jochen Schleese

Alexandra Kurland

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Recommended Podcasts

Most of these podcasts can be found on itunes, google podcasts, sound cloud, or listened to directly from their website.
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Recommended Products

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Recommended Websites

A wonderful organization focused on improving equine welfare and training, not only through the promotion of bitless riding, but through training focused on LIMA and the humane hierarchy. 

Liberty Horsemanship

Mosie Trewitt is an amazing horsewoman with big dreams and an amazing heart. I had the honor of being able to speak with her on her podcast "In The Spirit Of Horse" and this link will take you straight to that podcast, but also to her website. 

Peggy Hogan's website. Lots of help and support and answers to be found here!

A wonderful website with lots of information 

Alexandra Kurland's website with lots of information!

An excellent and very very thorough/detailed website with blog posts, FAQs and more. There's SO much information here. 

My good friend Jill's website with links to her fun and informative awesome youtube and other social media accounts as well as her blog. Lots of R+ resources! 

I share a lot of "other" content on my facebook.. articles, websites, research... most of it isn't my own content, as I like to encourage people to search and explore for themselves. 

An excellent program to help people get started with clicker training and positive reinforcement!

Karen Pryor is a giant in clicker training in the canine world, but she's worked closely with professionals of all species and has amazing resources!

A great group that's supportive and helpful!