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TWE Foster in Training Program


Become a sponsor of a foster horse in training!

As active supporters of equine rescue and rehabilitation, TWE is proud to announce the new TWE Foster in Training Program!  TWE fosters are rescue horses brought to the TWE facility from local nonprofit rescue organizations for rehabilitation and positive reinforcement training.

Become a Sustaining Sponsor

Become a sustaining sponsor of the TWE fostered rescue horses!  As a sustaining sponsor you will be given access to an exclusive online membership where you will find written, photo, and video updates of the foster horses. Depending on the sponsorship tier you choose, there are benefits such as: Certificates of Sponsorship, special annual gifts, invitations to an exclusive sponsors event, live chats with the TWE team, and more!  Sponsorship tiers begin at as low as $5.99 a month.

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Make a One-time Donation

Show your support by donating to the Foster in Training Program!  You can do that here.

Become A Sponsor
If you'd like to become a supporting sponsor of the foster in training program, sign up here. You can select the amount you'd like to commit to each month and in return you will receive regular updates about the foster horses right to your inbox! (plus many other benefits)

Horse Level Sponsors

  • Twice-Monthly email updates about TWE foster horses with exclusive videos and photos

  • Certificate of sponsorship emailed to you

Unicorn Level Sponsors

  • Everything mentioned before plus..

  • Monthly virtual meetups

  • An invitation to an exclusive sponsors event!

Pegasus Level Sponsors

  • Everything mentioned before plus..

  • A VIP invitation to an exclusive sponsors event!

Alicorn Level Sponsors

  • Everything mentioned before plus..

  • A mailed to you certificate of sponsorship

One major and often overlooked component of horse rescue is training. Trained rescue horses are not only more adoptable, but more successful as they move on in their journey to their forever homes!  In the TWE Foster in Training program, rescue horses are given a new start and learn the basics of handling, relaxation, and manners through a patient and positive step by step approach before graduating on to fitness and physical rehabilitation or under saddle work. When dealing with behavioral problems we utilize professionals of every kind to find possible causes for the reactivity and once a horse is cleared of any pain we begin addressing behavioral problems with a positive and scientific approach.

This whole horse approach to training and rehabilitation requires not only time, but money!

At the very heart of TWE lies a passion for horses in need. Whether that's horses transitioning to a new home, or horses who through no fault of their own are in need of somewhere to call their forever home. Each and every one of these horses are special and need someone to step up and care for them, and that's where TWE and the TWE community can contribute.

Every years thousands of horses find themselves sold, abandoned, or owner surrendered. Leaving them "in transition" and without a home or primary caregiver. Often times these horses need a tremendous amount of TLC and training, as their needs have gone overlooked for an extended period prior to ending up in caring hands, and TWE would like to help.

We are in a unique position to provide not only the necessary food, medical care, and environment these horses need, but also unique rehabilitative training through positive methods that offer them the best possible chances at finding forever homes. 

We also know that many of our community are eager to help these rescue horses! So we've created the TWE sponsorship team to help TWE help horses.

By donating or becoming a part of the sponsor team you will help us pay for the feed, hoof care, medical needs, body work, enrichment, daily care and labor, and a full time training program (valued at $850 to $1,200 a month). Every bit goes straight to caring for the horses. Together, we can give these amazing horses the best possible chance at a long and happy future.

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