"Horses are not just a mass of muscles to be shaped in order to satisfy our desires or to produce a performance, they are sensitive beings. Expressions such as: 'The horse must do this... The horse must give that' are all too common jargon. The horse owes us nothing, it is we who have a duty to make ourselves understood."

—  Phillipe Karl

"A horse whose needs are met, who has a good relationship with his handler, who is physically and mentally up to the job he's being asked to do, will be cooperative. He is attentive and curious."

—  Rachael Draaisma 

What People Are Saying

"Training horses used to be frustrating, unfulfilling and made my horses unhappy. I had inconsistent cues, asked too much too fast and the horses I worked with, weren't happy before getting help from Adele. She is one of the nicest mentors I have ever had the opportunity to work with"


"Hard-working and enthusiastic, Adele patiently focuses on each step of progression and celebrates every success."


"Adele is a real natural experienced horsewoman with a wide theoretical background... she's able to incorporate a large number of strategies to improve horse welfare and really produce a truly willing equine partner. ..."

What We Do

    At The Willing Equine our goal is to help people create positive relationships with their horses though science and a deep consideration for the physical, mental, and emotional well being of the horse.

     Whether you ride western or english, competitive or for pleasure, there is something here for you. We offer local lessons, clinics all over the world, long distance video coaching lesson programs, consultations via email and video, and also limited availability boarding/training at our facility in central Texas. Please don't hesitate to send us an email or reach out through social media.


    You can also learn more by checking out the "program" and "about us" pages, as well as the social media resources we provide on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and our latest addition... The Willing Equine Podcast.