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Review & Giveaway // Hearts For Horses

"Horses help people heal from the inside"

When I was first contacted by Hearts For Horses they asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway with them, my immediate response was yes! As an older sibling to a dyslexic brother, an avid animal lover, a supporter of horse rescue, a supporter of healthy equine diets, and a treat giving horse owner.... it was a perfect match. However, I was a little worried my picky four legged partners might think I had lost marbles trying to feed them something new.

"We Pledge Donations of Profits. Every sale of our Treats donates profits to the global cause of horse rescue and the support of Dyslexia"

I received three different flavors of horse treats in my goodies box, including Banana, Peppermint, and Molasses. But they also sent my pup Roque a little surprise too! (His review is included at the end for those of you with canines at home.) The ingredients for all three I'll list here, but I also hear talk of a sugar free horse treat in the works.. I'm personally very excited for this option! I have a few easy keepers that need to watch their girlish figures. ;)

So after thoroughly checking out the ingredients list I decided to let the horses have a try and see what they thought.

At first they were a little skeptical, which I expected. The typical mouth chomping and acting like their human just shoved dirt in their mouth ensued, but very quickly their taste buds kicked in and I found myself with a horse absolutely craving more.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were particularly fond of the Banana flavored treat. I had expected them to favor the molasses treat, but no.. they wanted the sticky peppermint and the yummy smelling banana. And by yummy smelling, I'm referring to my own nose! I really wanted to try some for myself (and looking at the ingredients list I kind of wish I would have) they just smelled so heavenly.

Tiger was by far the biggest fan while River was by far the least interested, but she has never been a fan of molasses. If it has molasses, she will not eat it, so that didn't really surprise me. All the other horses loved them too though! My bet is that unless you have a really weird filly like River, your horse is going to love these.

I plan on reserving them for my high value treat during training sessions. They easily break into smaller pieces without crumbling apart, making for ideal training size bites.

If you're a dog owner Hearts For Horses also has another product for canines! I got a little video of his first treat too. It's safe to say he really enjoyed them, and the ingredients list is just as great on the dog treats too!

For more information on Hearts For Horses or Hearts for Hounds check out their website at



Alrighty! Now for the fun part! Hearts For Horses and The Willing Equine are extremely eager to offer you a chance to get some of these treats for your horse! Just follow the entry guidelines listed below.

  • 1st Place Winner will receive 2 x 2lb bags of your choice

  • 2nd Place Winner will receive 1 x 2lb bag of their choice

  • 3rd Place Winner will receive 1 x 1lb bag of their choice

To be eligible for this giveaway ....

  • Follow @TheWillingEquine on Instagram

  • Follow @Hearts_For_Horses_Official

To enter this giveaway....

  • Comment, tagging 3 people on the original Instagram Giveaway Photo

For an additional entries... (each item is one more entry)

  • Re-post the Hearts For Horses Giveaway Photo with #TWEheartsforhorsesgiveaway on Instagram

  • Comment your horse(s) names on this blog post (below) "Review & Giveaway // Hearts For Horses" (link in bio or go to www.thewillingequine.com/blog)

Good luck! The giveaway closes on April 2nd at midnight CST. Winners will be chosen by random draw on April 4th by midnight CST.

- Adele

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