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The Willing Equine


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TWE is unique from other training programs and businesses in more ways than one.  Due to this, we have a very high demand for internship spots and a limited number of available spots each year. And currently, these spots are only available to TWE Academy members.

Not Ready to Join Yet?

I have other options available for those interested in a more hands-on experience that are not ready to sign up for the academy/foundation course.


Join TWE Academy

First, we offer private coaching at our facility in Spicewood, TX. This is just like a regular lesson program you might find at other facilities! Except, you'll get to work with experienced clicker/R+ trained horses and learn all about cooperative care, positive reinforcement, riding and training force-free, how to build a good relationship with your horse, and more. Lessons are one hour and usually weekly.


Second, we also offer multi-hour "immersive" lessons for those traveling long distances who are not able to do regular weekly lessons and want something hands-on. These immersives happen over one to two days and are multiple hours each day. This is a great way to get a hands-on crash course experience with skilled clicker-trained horses and one on one coaching from me, without having to commit to a month or more of being away from your own home and horses! 


We also have regular clinics and online (very in-depth and coached) courses/programs. Internships are a great way to get an education and experience, but not the only way! 


Book Your Lesson or Immersive


Attend a TWE Clinic

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