The February Session is FULL

Next Session Begins June 2021

Are you ready to develop a willing

partnership with your horse

but don’t know where to start? 

Do you want to know how to find

lasting success

with positive reinforcement training? 

Have you searched for a program that provides 

personalized, one-on-one

support as well as a robust community

of like-minded students?

Twelve hours of personal, real life training footage combined with discussion groups, Q&A’s, workbook exercises, and online coaching replicate an intimate, unedited training environment. In the Foundation Course, participants will feel as if they are standing arena-side as they watch the step by step introduction of positive reinforcement to a novice horse. Between training sessions, recorded discussions invite participants to dive deeper into key topics and concepts.

The course begins with an introduction to the five F's of horse keeping and a look at laying a solid foundation for effective and ethical training practices.

From here the course goes on to explore the theory, science, and application of positive reinforcement training. You will be introduced to Adele's two core concepts and her five foundation behaviors. These five foundation behaviors will provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish training almost anything from new behaviors to problem solving undesirable and dangerous behaviors.


By starting with these five behaviors, you and your horse will strengthen your communication and build a behavior repertoire that will allow you to apply the teachings of the course to reach all of your training goals.

During this course you will learn how to: 


Train for success: Avoid frustration for both you and your horse, create emotional balance, smooth mechanics, clear communication, and develop precise and flawless cues.


Balance the art and science of horse training: Learn how to apply the science, personalize training to your individual horse, increase creativity and enjoyment during sessions, and recognize when it's time to try something different. 


Develop A Willing Partnership: Create a positive association with training for your horse by setting up your training environment for success, managing expectations, and recognizing discomfort and confusion.


You will also learn how to teach the following behaviors from start to completion... and discover how to apply your knowledge of these behaviors to achieve your horse training goals and dreams!

Following A Target


Backing Up



Stationary Targeting



Stand Stay



Cone Targeting



Default Neutral

The TWE Foundation Course includes: 12 hours of training videos, three live online group Q&A sessions, access to a dedicated online community group for course participants, and direct, personalized coaching with Adele.


The next course begins on 6/1/21 and course materials are available up to 6 months from the start date.


Following the completion of the course participants will receive an exclusive invitation to join the TWE Monthly Membership for on-going community and learning!

Questions? Please contact
















Following the completion of the course you will receive an exclusive invitation to join the TWE Monthly Membership for on-going community and learning!

Courses have limited numbers, once a course fills up a wait-list will begin for the next sessions

Signing up will re-direct you to the course platform where you will be prompted to create a login and then purchase the course. 

Your registration is not complete until you have purchased the course in full.

There is an increased price for this course if purchased via the host platform app on an iOS device

If you have any questions please contact us at


I’m excited to join the Foundation Course! When does the next session start?

We’re so happy you want to join us! The next session of the course starts on February 1st, 2021 and opens for enrollment during January 2021.

If you miss out on enrolling in the Feburary session - don't worry! New course sessions start every three months, with the next session beginning May 2021. Be sure to join the waitlist for updates and to be notified for early enrollment when the next session opens.

How long will it take me to complete the Foundation Course?

When you enroll in the Foundation Course, you will spend three months learning, training, and sharing with your fellow course participants! Once your course session ends, you’ll have access to the course materials for an additional three months. That’s six months total access to the 12 hours of training videos and articles that make up the course!

For course participants who go on to enroll in the TWE Student Membership, the Foundation Course is available for as long as you maintain your membership.

How much does it cost?

Early bird pricing for the Foundation Course is just $349.99! Be sure to get on the waitlist to access the course at this rate. After early bird enrollment closes, the course is $399.99.*

Want to join the course but are finding it just out of your budget? Send an email to to join our Foundation Course Sponsorship waitlist.

*Prices subject to change at anytime

What's included with the Foundation Course?

12 hours of real-life training footage, educational articles, live Q&A’s with Adele, personalized online coaching, an exclusive course workbook to take notes and track your progress, AND access to the online Foundation Course community group… there is just SO much to love in the Foundation Course!

How much time should I plan on spending on the course?

With so much to learn from the Foundation Course, we recommend that students plan on spending 2-3 hours a week on material review (watching and re-watching training videos and reading articles) and at least 1 hour on applying the course material in training sessions with your horse.

Short on time? Don’t worry! You will still get plenty out of the course even with less of a time commitment. Take things at your own pace, and put as little – or as much! – time as you like into working through the materials and practicing training. With 6 months access to the Foundation Course, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the learning experience.

Do I get a certificate if I complete the course?

Yes! Course participants who complete all the materials, submit videos for each review month, and complete the exit quiz and survey will be sent an e-certificate and website banner.

I don't have a horse to train with. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely! Even without a horse to train with there is still so much to learn from the Foundation Course. If you’d like to join the course but don’t have access to a horse to work with, please contact us at to chat about how to make sure you get the most from your Foundation Course experience.

How do I join the TWE Student Membership?

Are you ready to continue your journey with R+ and learn and grow with a community of supportive positive reinforcement training enthusiasts? Once you complete all lessons in the Foundation Course you will receive an invitation to join the TWE Student Membership!

In the membership you will enjoy ongoing learning with exclusive videos, online discussions and educational articles, monthly live Q&A’s, discounts and special offers on TWE courses and services, access to live virtual lesson services, and more! To learn all about the TWE Student Membership visit

What if the course doesn’t work for me and my horse? What’s your refund policy?

We’re confident that with an open mind and dedicated time to learning and practice, you will love how the Foundation Course improves your relationship and communication with your horse! However, we do understand that sometimes things come up that keep students from getting the most from their learning experience. For this reason, we have provided a full six months for students to work through the course materials, and life time access with a membership.

We want you to be100% satisfied with your experience. If you’re unhappy with your results after you have graduated from The Foundation Course (by completing every lesson, submitting videos for review at least twice, and engaging during live Q&As), simply email us at within 1 year of your enrollment date and we will issue a full refund.

I still use other forms of horsemanship and training with my horse, compete, etc. Should I still sign up?

Absolutely! The lessons in the Foundation Course can apply to all your horsemanship goals no matter where you are on your journey with positive reinforcement. However we do encourage students to separate the time they spend with their horses applying training from the course from other training pursuits in the beginning. We address this further in the beginning of the course and we are available to discuss this further with course participants.

I’ve already learned a lot about training horses with positive reinforcement. Will I still benefit from this course?

"Advanced Training is Just the Basics Done Well" - Ken Ramirez

The Foundation Course is a great resource for both those who have already spent time learning about and training with positive reinforcement and for those completely new to positive reinforcement focused training. We have had many participants that have been training with positive reinforcement for years who take away new information from The Foundation Course.

My horse is really aggressive and pushy around food, can I still learn to train with positive reinforcement?

Absolutely! We will walk you through the process of introducing food reinforcers to any and every horse, even ones who act in an undesirable way around food. We will also introduce you to other ways to use positive reinforcement that don't utilize food. Every horse can be trained with positive reinforcement, but some tweaking of the way and the kind of food may be needed. For this reason, the personalized interactive part of the course is really important! We will be there every step of the way to assist.

5% of The Foundation Course proceeds go to support Equine Rescue and Welfare

The Willing Equine’s Foundation Course offers a unique, in-depth introduction to training your horse with positive reinforcement. In this comprehensive three month program you will be immersed in Adele’s process of introducing clicker training to any horse, and you will learn how to create a foundation of communication with your own horse that will set you both up for a lifetime of success. Highly informative and supportive, the Foundation Course focuses on empowering each individual with thorough educational content and personalized feedback that prepares participants to continue to reach new achievements in their training well after the course has ended. 

Other topics covered in the Foundation Course: spending time with your horse outside of training, addressing food anxiety, errorless learning and avoiding extinction, creating shaping plans, shaping and capturing behaviors, establishing cues and stimulus control, training with scratches, creating multiple bridge signals, establishing boundaries, trainer mechanics, training for emotional balance, comfort zones and fear thresholds, equine body language, and more!


By the end of this course, you will not only understand the basics of positive reinforcement training, but be able to create shaping plans for all of your training goals, and feel confident using food rewards with your horse in a way that builds clear communication and a mutually enjoyable relationship. No matter what discipline you ride, what kind of horse you're working with, and to what degree you want to integrate positive reinforcement training, this course is for you! 

What students are saying about the Foundation Course:

This course is everything you need to get started or sharpen your skill! I would recommend this course to everyone. It was so packed with useful information. My horse and I both learned so much. Adele is such an amazing teacher. She goes out of her way to help you, provide you with the information you need, and give you thought out feedback. The community within this course was very helpful and supportive, as well. Hands down, this course was AMAZING!


- Megan Y.


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