November 2020 Session FULL!

Next Session Begins February 2021

Are you ready to develop a willing

partnership with your horse

but don’t know where to start? 

Do you want to know how to find

lasting success

with positive reinforcement training? 

Have you searched for a program that provides 

personalized, one-on-one

support as well as a robust community

of like-minded students?

Twelve hours of personal, real life training footage combined with discussion groups, Q&A’s, and online coaching replicate an intimate, unedited training environment. In the Foundation Course, participants will feel as if they are standing arena-side as they watch the step by step introduction of positive reinforcement to a novice horse. Between training sessions, recorded discussions invite participants to dive deeper into key topics and concepts.

The course begins with an introduction to the five F's of horse keeping and a look at laying a solid foundation for effective and ethical training practices.

From here the course goes on to explore the theory, science, and application of positive reinforcement training. You will be introduced to Adele's two core concepts and her five foundation behaviors. These five foundation behaviors will provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish training almost anything from new behaviors to problem solving undesirable and dangerous behaviors.


By starting with these five behaviors, you and your horse will strengthen your communication and build a behavior repertoire that will allow you to apply the teachings of the course to reach all of your training goals.

During this course you will learn how to: 


Train for success: Avoid frustration for both you and your horse, create emotional balance, smooth mechanics, clear communication, and develop precise and flawless cues.


Balance the art and science of horse training: Learn how to apply the science, personalize training to your individual horse, increase creativity and enjoyment during sessions, and recognize when it's time to try something different. 


Develop a willing partnership: Create a positive association with training for your horse by setting up your training environment for success, managing expectations, and recognizing discomfort and confusion.


You will also learn how to teach the following behaviors from start to completion... and discover how to apply your knowledge of these behaviors to achieve your horse training goals and dreams!

Following A Target


Backing Up



Stationary Targeting



Stand Stay



Cone Targeting



Default Neutral

The TWE Foundation Course includes: 12 hours of training videos, three live online group Q&A sessions, access to a dedicated online community group for course participants, and direct, personalized coaching with Adele.


The next course begins on 2/1/21 and course materials are available up to 6 months from the start date.


Following the completion of the course participants will receive an exclusive invitation to join the TWE Monthly Membership for on-going community and learning!

Questions? Please contact
















Following the completion of the course you will receive an exclusive invitation to join the TWE Monthly Membership for on-going community and learning!

Courses have limited numbers, once a course fills up a wait-list will begin for the next sessions

Signing up will re-direct you to the course platform where you will be prompted to create a login and then purchase the course. 

Your registration is not complete until you have purchased the course in full.

There is an increased price for this course if purchased via the host platform app on an iOS device

If you have any questions please contact us at

The Willing Equine’s Foundation Course offers a unique, in-depth introduction to training your horse with positive reinforcement. In this comprehensive three month program you will be immersed in Adele’s process of introducing clicker training to any horse, and you will learn how to create a foundation of communication with your own horse that will set you both up for a lifetime of success. Highly informative and supportive, the Foundation Course focuses on empowering each individual with thorough educational content and personalized feedback that prepares participants to continue to reach new achievements in their training well after the course has ended. 

What others are saying about Adele’s teaching program:


“Adele Shaw at The Willing Equine has ALWAYS been there for me! I am so thankful for her. She creates such a one-on-one connection with her students that is so special and very rare. I recommend Adele to ANYONE who wants to build a loving relationship with their horse and wants the best for their best friend!” - Tessa G.


“Adele at The Willing Equine is that rare combination: a real natural experienced 'horsewoman' with a very wide theoretical background, ranging from learning theory to classical dressage. Using this knowledge base, Adele is able to incorporate a large number of strategies to improve horse welfare and really produce a truly willing equine partner.” - Louise L. 


“I’d always been a proponent of natural horsemanship and a pretty big skeptic of using R+ with horses, despite always using it to train my dogs. I always thought R+ was really only good for teaching tricks and other novelties, while ‘real riding’ required a foundation of pressure/release. So when I saw the way Adele used clicker training to teach more conventionally ‘useful’ behaviors (tying, picking up feet, standing at the mounting block, etc.), I was intrigued! I’d felt there was something missing in my training program for a while, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I’m now working on transitioning from more ‘traditional’ training techniques to exclusively positive reinforcement. It’s been a humbling but very rewarding journey thus far, in large part because of TWE!” - Kimmy W.


“I am so thankful for the help that Adele has been giving me the past couple of months. She is beyond thorough and there are so many integrative aspects of being involved with her training.... She wants to make sure you are fully equipped with the knowledge to involve your horse in positive reinforcement training. She provides lots of examples of different horse behaviors that I have been learning to recognize in my own experience. I’d like to say I’m learning a new language and I feel closer to my horse because of it.” - Cassie A.


“Professional horse trainers, as I’ve learned, spend a lot of their time actually training humans. Adele is no exception. She’s been there for all of my questions, confusions, concerns and frustrations along the way while I’ve been learning how to communicate with my horse using positive reinforcement methods. Her approach is with compassion and patience and yields amazing results for both human and horse.” - Kristen T.

Other topics covered in the Foundation Course: spending time with your horse outside of training, addressing food anxiety, errorless learning and avoiding extinction, creating shaping plans, shaping and capturing behaviors, establishing cues and stimulus control, training with scratches, creating multiple bridge signals, establishing boundaries, trainer mechanics, training for emotional balance, comfort zones and fear thresholds, equine body language, and more!


By the end of this course, you will not only understand the basics of positive reinforcement training, but be able to create shaping plans for all of your training goals, and feel confident using food rewards with your horse in a way that builds clear communication and a mutually enjoyable relationship. No matter what discipline you ride, what kind of horse you're working with, and to what degree you want to integrate positive reinforcement training, this course is for you! 


5% of the Foundation Course proceeds go to support Equine Rescue and Welfare


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