The Mythical Barefoot Horse

November 28, 2017


     Originally this post was written as a guest blog for The Exquisite Equine in 2016, but I wanted to share it again here for others to read that may be interested or uncertain about switching to barefoot with their horses. This is my experience....  



The Mythical Barefoot Horse - 



     I used to believe that only a special few horses could have the luxury of going without shoes… and that their owners should count their blessings because they owned a mythical creature. A creature so rare in this day of metal: iron, aluminum, egg bars, clips, glue ons, stacks, corrective, you name it. I used to sigh and dream that one day I would be blessed to own a magical unicorn of my own, that maybe with enough supplements and fervent enough prayers one of my own horses would be able to go without those big hunks of metal. However, according to various farriers over the years, this was an empty dream. All my horses were either too weak walled, flat footed, under run, thin soled, weak soled, you name it. Even if a horse came to me barefoot I was informed they would have to wear shoes.

    It was settled, I was stuck with animals that cost me a fortune in farrier services for the rest of the foresee