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The Willing Equine


The TWE mentorship program is designed to provide in-depth feedback and learning experiences for TWE students who have goals of becoming professionals in the equine industry and for those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of behavioral science and positive reinforcement training. 


While there is much to be gained from self-study and formal courses, I have found that one-on-one teaching has been invaluable to both my personal and professional success. In this program, we will explore business development, teaching people, communication and conversational skills, working through complex problem behaviors, time management, goal setting, setting clients up for success, branding, and so much more!


As this will be a significant commitment, I have a few requirements for any students interested in joining the mentorship program.

Step One

Complete TWE Foundation Course

Step Two

Join TWE Academy

Step Three

Become a TWE Intern

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The mentorship program is limited to a very small, private group of 3-5 students. 

This includes weekly meetings, an ongoing group chat, as well as support via email, phone, and video.


 This is an evolving group program that changes to meet the needs of the enrolled students. 

If you are interested and are already a member of the Academy, please click on the "become a TWE intern" photo to learn about this final step before contacting us for more information. 

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