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Some ideas for Video Content
1. Go to YouTube.com and login to your account, or create a new one. It's very simple and only takes a few minutes to create account if you don't already have one. 
Uploading To Youtube
2. Next, choose unlisted or public, and then choose the file you want to upload. 
​3. While you're video is uploading, enter in the horse's name and the handler's name, as well as a few details. Just make sure plenty of details are provided in the email. ​
4. And finally! Include the video link in your email through the forum above!

Submit Your Video For Critique

Please read the following carefully. 
Video Submissions will be accepted or declined within one weeks time. Not all videos will be accepted. Videos that do not fit the criteria listed to the right will not be accepted and you will receive an email response declining your video submission with a refund. 
For continued educational purposes The Willing Equine requests to share critique publicly through social media. No names or personal details will be shared. However, if you don't wish to share please state so in your submission forum. 
  • Videos must be no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Horse and Handler must be clear and easily visible in Video, videos shot from extended distances or of poor quality will not be accepted. 
  • In Subject line, please provide Horse's name ONLY.
  • In Name line, please provide Handler or Rider's name ONLY
  • In Message box please provide information on what is contained in the video, training goals, as well as thorough details on the horse and handler (including age, breed, training experience, how long you've been working together, brief overview of daily life routine and diet, any known medical conditions, and any other information you may find helpful to share).
  • Please provide an unlisted or public YouTube link of the video in the message box, at top or bottom. For details on how to upload to YouTube, please scroll down.
  • Ground work with your horse in the round pen, at liberty, or on the lunge line. I can help you read your horse's body language and self carriage, as well as critique the handler's use of body language and communication skills. 
  • Working on introductory or more advanced behaviors using clicker training. Whether you're a beginner or have been using clicker training for a long time, a fresh pair of eyes never hurts. 
  • Foundation riding skills. Whether you're a dressage rider, barrel racer, or jumper, developing a rider with proper equitation and a horse with correct self carriage and balance is critical. The foundation of every discipline requires the same from horse and rider to insure the well being and longevity of the horse. 
  • "Behavior problems" such as biting, kicking, and acting out under saddle. I can help by providing fresh ideas and suggestions to solve the cause behind your horse's behavior. 

* DISCLAIMER: Every horse is a unique creature with a unique history. The Willing Equine and Adele Shaw are in no way responsible for the actions of any horse or rider, we are here solely to provide fresh ideas and support. Please contact a certified professional for more thorough support.

Video Coaching Sessions are a great way to get a second opinion on any training or work you are doing with your horse. It's like having a private training lesson, but without the travel costs and done at your convenience. All you need to do is capture your session from beginning to end on camera then send me the video file. I will personally review and give you constructive feedback in a positive way. 


Videos are never shared without permission, Your privacy is always my foremost concern, though I highly encourage you to allow me to share your videos anonymously with other people so we can all learn and work together. 


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